Frequently Asked Questions

What images can I have described?

Images should be of decent quality and should include a person, scenery, or some other noteworthy object. This service is intended for images needing detailed descriptions rather than simple identification. Of course, you must have any necessary permission to submit the image.

Who will view my image?

Your image will only be seen by people affilliated with this project. Image descriptions will be emailed back to you, and you are free to do what you wish with them.

How long will it take to receive my descriptions?

Due to the interest in and demand for this service, it may take some time for you to receive descriptions. This delay is actively being addressed. Please allow for one day per two descriptions.

What is meant by an unbiased description?

The issue of bias is a little tricky. I mean unbiased as in the describers have no connection to the person in the image, so they are unable to be influenced by who you are. For example, if you ask members of your family for a description, they may be less likely to point out negative comments and they may be more likely to point out positive comments. The descriptions are supposed to include objective comments about the person, objective comments about the surroundings, and subjective comments on the particular describer's reaction to the image. Given that, if the person finds the subject of the image to be attractive or unattractive, that will be pointed out. A minimum of three describers are used so that you will have multiple points of view.

Service provided by Chris Nestrud. Descriptions provided by others. Comments? Get in touch.