Following are three responses to a single picture of me taken in late 2012.

Response 1

A smiling young man is standing in front of what appears to be the entrance to a cabin. The door of the cabin is bright red and there are garlands of palm leaves surrounding the door. It appears to be a wintery scene because there are colored holiday lights strung along a row of thick branches to the left of the door that are upright in the form of some kind of fencing. The man in the picture is about in his early 30's. He has a strong face with a deep chin and prominent jaw line. His hair is black and cut short, but not too short with his ears set high on his head. His eyes appear to be light brown although it's hard to tell because he is squinting. He is wearing a sweater, dark denim jeans and black shows. The thumbs of his hands are hooked into his pants pockets. His sweater is multi-striped going right to left and are in a deep red, dark and light blue and brown, but they are spaced well apart so there are only about five stripes on the body portion of this sweater, and similar color bands on each arm of the long-sleeved sweater. The sweater zips at the neckline for about four or five inches and the sweater color is turned upwards.

Response 2

This is a picture of a white male who appears to be in his 30’s and is medium to heavy built. This male has dark hair parted on the side with a little bit of wave to it. He has a pale complexion and a few freckles and has squinty eyes and his lips are quite thin. His cheeks are a prominent feature of his face as they are full and round. As he is smiling in this picture, you can see his teeth and they are very straight and white. His ears are close-set to his head. He appears to be a very likable person with a sense of humor. His loose-fitting shirt is dark green with stripes of brown, black and blue. There is a small zipper at the neckline. He is wearing loose fitting dark blue jeans with light brown stitching. He seems to be pretty short from the waist down. He is standing with his feet at a V-angle and his thumbs are in his side jean pockets. His fingernails are well manicured. He is wearing casual brown shoes that are worn down a bit. He is standing in front of a log cabin type house with a bright red door decorated with Christmas dér. The outside of the door is surrounded by a garland of pine interposed with red berries. Next to him lies some old fashioned large Christmas bulbs on strings. There are logs lying in a pile on the other side of him, and it looks like there is sand all around.

Response 3

This guy appears to be in his mid 20's, he has brown hair. He is smiling and is having a Christmas picture taken of himself. He is standing in front of a red door, the door has a dark black handle. There is a garland of pine and berries, that is running around the sides and top of the door behind him. It looks like a log cabin behind him with fake snow on the firewood piled at his feet. There are Christmas lights on the wood to his left. He is wearing a sweater of a dark green with a red, blue, grey and dark blue stripes on it, his pants are black jeans. He is smiling, and has fat cheeks. His build is larger than average but not really over weight. He is looking at the camera but his eyes are hard to see. His hands are slightly in the pockets of his jeans. His nose is fairly straight and his ears are pretty flat against his head. This guys looks like he would be pretty friendly and nice to talk to.

Service provided by Chris Nestrud. Descriptions provided by others. Comments? Get in touch.