Wondering what that pic looks like? Interested in other peoples' takes on a photo? Upload an image, select how many descriptions you need, submit payment, and you will receive a number of approxametly 250-word descriptions covering the supplied image. They will be written by different people and will cover: the person or people in the image, surroundings, and reactions to the image.

After uploading your image, you can select the number of descriptions that you would like to receive, then pay using your Paypal account. If you do not have an account, you can use Paypal along with a credit card. The cost for three descriptions is $6.75 USD, five descriptions is $11.25 USD, and 10 descriptions is $22.50 USD. Each description will be written by a different person.

Responses will be emailed to the email address that you supply. They will be kept confidential; you can give them to others or keep them for yourself.

Read some example descriptions.

Read frequently asked questions.

Custom plans are also possible. Please contact me if you have something in mind.

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Service provided by Chris Nestrud. Descriptions provided by others. Comments? Get in touch.